Work the way you prefer.

In some cases the alternative upload using spreadsheets (MS Excel or others) is advantageous. Especially when:

a particularly large number of media elements are managed

the external agencies and service providers prefer to work with Excel

workflow and input checks also work when using spreadsheet files

You choose: manage data via the integrated web form or file upload (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

Bulk upload via spreadsheet.

Step 1: Download a fresh copy of the spreadsheet template to ensure up-to-date meta data.

Step 2: Ad campaign data using all features of your spreadsheet software, save & upload the file via drag & drop.

Step 3: The uploaded file is automatically processed while applying all workflow rules and input validation as defined in your individual setup.

Step 4: If there are incorrect values, they will be displayed. Accordingly, they must be adjusted in the web interface or by updating data in the spreadsheet.

Step 5: Save & re-upload if import conflicts occurred in step 4.

Step 6: After a successful upload you will receive an updated spreadsheet which additionally includes the generated campaign URLs

The admin then receives a mail with the request for release.

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