Data quality is an important issue when it comes to web analytics. The additional effort caused by incorrect data should not be underestimated. Typical mistakes are upper and lower case, spelling mistakes or different abbreviations. Avoid building filters or other data consolidation mechanisms in your analytics tool.

Therefore, the admin has the opportunity to define possible values for fields in advance. If a user does not find his value, he can request it from the admin via our interface. In this way, incorrect entries are reduced to a minimum.

Your Benefits

You want to choose values from a drop down in a web form or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet when capturing campaign data?
Use our lookup feature to easily create and manage your own lookup data. Test now and convince yourself!

Automated & standardized

Minimization of human errors

Intelligent field patterns (Cascading Lookups)
Dependencies within the drop down fields can be set by the admin

User support & efficient workflow

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