Use our integrated FTP feature.

FTP: The classic of secure data transfer

Our FTP (File transfer Protocol) upload is a time-saving and secure method for fast file transfer between our data platform (EDP) and your analytics tool. Make use of our fully automated job upload feature to ensure real-time data update and thus, the detailed evaluation of your data in your selected analytics tool. No matter what tool you use, our upload is already adapted to the specific needs of the tool of your choice.

Individualized & Automated

ed.Campaign allows you to freely choose your relevant url parameters as well as a large degree of flexibility in the design of the selected parameters. These individualization options are also reflected in the numerous editing and customization options of the FTP job upload feature. After your individual FTP upload is set up, you can sit back: now all data is automatically pulled and processed by the system in real time.

FTP Upload: FAQ

What must or can be set?

First select your individual provider. Depending on this, there are different required fields. Since Adobe and Custom upload are identical, here you only have to pay attention to the format of the file.

What is the frequency of FTP upload?

The rhythm of the upload is basically freely selectable: Depending on your subscription you can choose between: 1, 6, 12, 24 or 36 hours.

How do I know if the FTP upload was successful or not?

You can see when the last execution was and get an email about it. In the tool you can see the status: Failed, Succsess. But the status is never 100%. Just because a file was uploaded, it is not necessarily correct.

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